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Middle & High School Program:
Fostering Innovation & Changemaking 

Through a formal curriculum written in partnership with experienced educators and following DESE guidelines, SPUR teaches entrepreneurship to youth through service learning to increase resiliency and entrepreneurial self-efficacy. The interactive lessons and workshops help middle and high school students understand what it means to innovate, empowering them to make positive change in their lives, communities, and the world. 
The curriculum covers concepts like opportunity identification, idea generation, project planning, and awareness-raising, while simultaneously weaving in social entrepreneurship and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  Students identify a problem in their school or community and learn to address it guided by these global goals.  We also take into consideration the the social-emotional component of entrepreneurship, helping youth develop resiliency, a growth-mindset, social awareness, and project planning with compassionate intention. 

Interested in bringing SPUR's Enrichment Program to your school? Email Enrichment Director Luisa Boverini at

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